Crop Circles FTW, what’s really going on here?


I have always been interested in crop circles, both for their aesthetic beauty and also the mysterious underlying intentions being communicated through them. There has been realization that the deepening complexity and data within the phenomenon are more than just ambitious pranksters. Let’s review some of useful resources on the subject. I’ve collected a nice set of places to start reviewing the information available at present, and will follow up this article with some deeper personal observations and a community discussion after you’ve had time to review:

This in particular is one of the wider looks at the subject of understanding crop circles origins and their intended messages. It is not often I come across such a professional and well balanced article:

Another popular theme amongst crop circle investigators, the hydrogen connection:

Interesting correlations and the resulting designs and patents from this researcher:


A list of active researchers:
For those who believe, no proof is necessary; for those who do not believe, no proof is possible.




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