– a great resource for the thinking dj – a great resource for the thinking dj

David Michael curates (Facebook Page) which is, as he puts it:

Welcome to!  My name is David Michael and I have a passion for DJing, producing, and listening to many kinds of music.  In February of 2013, I decided that I wanted to create a website that had to do with DJing, but with a twist.  I wanted to focus on artful DJing; to show that there are people (though few and far between) who are able to play recorded music in such a way that it exudes passion and purpose.  I wanted to give back to my community of fellow DJs and music lovers, and provide a place for people to go who are interested in the art and science of mixing records, rather than just discussing how to mix from a technical perspective.

I’m interested in the mental process that goes into maintaining a dance floor or providing atmosphere for an event, both from the perspective of the one playing and the one listening.  The psychology of the whole thing.

I have enjoyed several of his articles including:

and most recently, which I am honored to have my most recent mix “Casual Murder” featured in:

This is not your average sit and forget review, David is one of those special souls who takes the time to provide a stream of consciousness reflection on his experience of a mix! It is fantastic to get this kind of feedback and, aside from the music, his way with words will hopefully inspire the way you think about experiencing music itself.

He doesn’t just talk about DJing, David is also a very active and progressive artist himself and this is his most recent project for your listening pleasure: or direct download the mix HERE

I’m definitely looking forward to what he has to share with us moving forward, keep an eye on!


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