Annias – Substep Vol 1 (2006)

Annias – Substep Vol 1 (2006)

This is where dubstep began for me. I had been a fan of reggae and dub since I was a youngin, and after 10 years of jungle/dnb this was a nice change of pace for me without leaving those nice filtered synths I had grown accustomed to. This is a journey through those earlier days of dubstep, deep half step mixed with powerful garage and tribal esoteric vibes.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, much respect




digital mystikz – ancient memories (skream remix)
n-type – way of the dub
distance – Cyclops
magical artifacts- Dohjin
skream – monsoon (loefah remix)
scuba – plate
n-type – tred
rogue star – the calling
rogue star – stay calm
loefah – goat stare
skream – i (loefah remix)
toasty – the knowledge
warlock – cellar door
amon tobin – Four Ton Mantis
scuba – twista
digital mystikz – walking with jah
burial – spaceape


Annias Art created by Manipulated Realmz




About the Author

Producing and mixing Drum & Bass, Ragga Jungle, Dubstep, and other forms of experimental electronic music. As the creator of Earthside Massive Annias recognizes that music is one of the only remaining pursuits that brings the world together. Follow him down this rabbit hole of unity through sound won't you?