Annias – Set Recap 2006-2009, Substep Vol 1,2,3,4 & more

Annias – Set Recap 2006-2009, Substep Vol 1,2,3,4 & more

Here’s a compilation post of my dubstep sets from the last few years, representin:

all mixes located @ 500k/s FTP (Find the mix you want, Right click –> Save Target As)

Annias – Substep Volume 1


digital mystikz – ancient memories (skream remix)
n-type – way of the dub
distance – Cyclops
magical artifacts- Dohjin
skream – monsoon (loefah remix)
scuba – plate
n-type – tred
rogue star – the calling
rogue star – stay calm
loefah – goat stare
skream – i (loefah remix)
toasty – the knowledge
warlock – cellar door
amon tobin – Four Ton Mantis
scuba – twista
digital mystikz – walking with jah
burial – spaceape

Annias – Substep Volume 2


caspa – louder
trg – killed it dead (emalkay rmx)
wolf man – eye of the demon
tes la rock – cold blooded
komonazmuk – fear
tech itch – baalzamon
loetech – marijuana overdose
scandalous – the solution
luke envoy – honour kill
search and destroy – candyfloss (loefah remix)
caspa – cockney flute (rusko remix)
mrk1 – sensi skank
kromestar – dot 2 dot
untold – kingdom
6blocc ft big daddy cane – rawer
rogue state feat u brown – cant take the pressure (m.i. loki remix)
l wiz – habibi

Annias – Substep Volume 3


Itchy Robot – Raw
Innasekt – Structure
Wiley – My Mistakes (Starkey remix)
6blocc & Big Daddy Kane – Rawer (yeah, still sick)
Stivs and Ed Cox – Burnin ana Lootin
Dj Unya – Uprise
Clouds – Worm
Tipper – Swipe
Rakoon – Warrior Dub
Reso – Void
Kromestar & Cessman, Kalawanji
Caspa & Rusko – Bread Get Bun
Scorn – Whistle For It
DZ – Transform

Annias – Substep Volume 4


caspa – well’ ard (ft. the others)
osc – zion, excision and endophyte – marauder (lone wolf remix)
ebola – painkillers
trg – hoods up
bar 9 – untitled symphony
jack sparrow – preditor
reso – if you can’t beat em
loetech – truth
bar 9 – duck hunt
house of darkness – stayin put bass
intoccabile – in your arms
trg – drum tribe
hoodz – babylonia
jack – living
diem – sitar dub
loetech – the antidote
king – dtmb
scanone – atlas
annias – strange days

Annias – Dub and Bass (Drum and Bass / Dubstep Hybrid Mix)


the sect – into the abyss
break – day one
noisia – meedoen
prode – rule of a gene
noisia and mayhem – exodus
technical itch ft mc jakes – retrobution (audio rmx)
amex and kaiza – team
mumblz and dave akuma – ether (devil ether vip)
ott – l.s.d. (world sheet Of closed string mix)
woogie – end dub
caspa – ohh r ya
unknown – jah life
rouge state ft daddy freddy – very dangerous

Annias – Crunkstep


? vs biggie smalls – big poppa remix
gorilla zoe – hood successful black man (dev79 remix)
excision and endophyte – marauder (lone wolf remix)
missy elliot – get your freak on (acappella)
dg yola – aint gon let up (starkey remix)
collie buddz – come around (abz vip)
8ball and mjg ft notorious big – relax, take notes (xi remix)
lil wayne – a millie (mrk1 remix)
6blocc ft big daddy kane – rawer
simpleton – the chronic (annias remix)
wiley – my mistakes (starkey remix)
mrk1 ft sizzla – i got too
beanie sigel ft memphis bleek – who want what (mr andersonic remix)
matty g – west coast rocks (caspa remix)
westside connection – bow down (acappella)
the widdler – shades
redman and method man – plo style (acappella)

Annias – Live @ Flux, 5-9-09 Cincinnati


fragile – in a bubble
spmc – trust nobody
caustik – beliefs
droid sector – ruiner
dub fiend – jungle whomp
caspa – rubber chicken
hd4000 – we be on it
sick cycle – concept
vaski – resonate
roomate and SPL – foundation
sasquatch – funera
16 bit – put ya dirt inside
itchy robot – my kung fu
luke envoy – honour kill
richie august – dirty waltz
sick cycle – tweak frenzy
vaski – release her
babylon and noah d – examination of time vip
trillbass – coughin
somejerk – sobriety
widdler – visitors
datsink and downlink – against the machines
bar 9 – murder sound vip
widdler – sensi samurai
bar 9 – selled souls
kosheen – overkill (komonazmuk remix
droid sector – black dimension
richie august – bloodlust
the widdler – go ask alice
DZ – chalice dub
skream – monsoon (loefah remix)

Annias – Psychohistory

Can’t find the setlist sittin around I’ll post it up in an edit shortly, bunch of fresh shit from January – March ’09.

Should keep your ears busy awhile, I still think substep volume 1 the best overall vibe. There was something about the tunes comin out in late 2005 early 2006 that was just sinister… Anyway, hope yall enjoy these mixes.




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