Annias – Live at Hallowbass 10-29-2015

Annias – Live at Hallowbass 10-29-2015

Second half of my 2 hour set @ Hallowbass in Dayton, OH, tracklist below


rick and morty and “Bob” intro
chad dubz – no reply
dyad – fear is a choise
rufus! – rakshasa
thelem – equippin’
l nix- moonbeams
dyad – cyclic
l nix – lost crypt
murk – vortex
l nix – corpulent
rufus! – collosus
thelem – we ain’t the same ft t-man
murk – consciousness
indiji – vacuum
l nix – buried
l nix – rolly
thelem – latched
artoniks – illusion
moonstones – cupol
indiji – politiks
nomine – shockwaves
requake & badklaat – end of us
l nix – ancient
dyad – incept
john matrix – bongo warfare (axh remix)
l nix – big roots
niveau zero – underground flavor (lumberjvck remix)
masq – yoko


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Producing and mixing Drum & Bass, Ragga Jungle, Dubstep, and other forms of experimental electronic music. As the creator of Earthside Massive Annias recognizes that music is one of the only remaining pursuits that brings the world together. Follow him down this rabbit hole of unity through sound won't you?