Demo Track/Mix Submission

Earthside Massive (EM) is always on the lookout for new and existing Dubstep and Drum & Bass producers, as well as talented vocalists for those genres.

If you would like to submit material for release, audio mastering, remixing, or promotional activities such as Earthdub Radio and other EM live events, please email with a proper download link.

Thank you for your time, for more information regarding collaborating with Earthside Massive please contact:

Charles Macnish
Earthside Massive

contact page:
phone: 937-540-0045

AIM:      djannias
Skype:  charles.macnish



About the Author

Producing and mixing Drum & Bass, Ragga Jungle, Dubstep, and other forms of experimental electronic music. As the creator of Earthside Massive Annias recognizes that music is one of the only remaining pursuits that brings the world together. Follow him down this rabbit hole of unity through sound won't you?