Shout out – SeamlessR (“How to Bass”)

Shout out – SeamlessR (“How to Bass”)

I recently came across SeamlessR’s Youtube channel and was blown away by the quality of instruction he provides on a wide variety of producer related topics. In his own words:

Hi, I’m Seamless, and this is my YouTube channel.

This is where I endeavor to build a resource for producers of every experience level. Videos on bass production, track production, performance arrangement, and whatever else I can figure out how to do and figure out how to show you.

Home of “How To Bass”

Check him out, you won’t be disappointed!

For example:

How To Bass 109: Old School DnB Flanger Reese


The man, the myth, the legend himself.. No seriously thank you for all your hard work man, many of us out here appreciate the knowledge you are taking the time to share with us. Big up SeamlessR!





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