Google Fu, how to find anything on the internet

Google Fu, how to find anything on the internet

EDIT: The Asimov links no longer work, which brings up an interesting point. If you publicly share the types of information you find with google fu, more than likely, because of the traffic surge it will generate, the webmasters will notice and protect the information subsequently. Something to think about! :)

I want to help you understand some really interesting and extremely powerful ways to search for information and data in general on Google. What this process does is eliminate any actual web page listings and only returns results of file directory structures that have the information you have requested.

The Isaac Asimov Foundation Series is an excellent experience, so I decided to make my example on that. If you look at the following search string you will begin to understand the concept of how to get into the guts of the internet file structure.

intitle:”index.of” + (txt|pdf|rar|zip) -html -htm -php -css -asp -cf -jsp -torrent

As you can see we are searching for index.of, only extensions txt pdf rar and zip, asimov foundation (the period just allows for various connecting devices such as periods, hyphens, etc to be included) and then subtracting most of the common types of web page formats so that you truly only get the directory structures returned in your results.|pdf|rar|zip)

Is the actual search link to google itself. If you look at the results you will see the following page:,%20Isaac/

This is nice, but always see if you can access higher directory structures. In this case you can, and there is a folder with many works, including it seems most of the Foundation Series, as well as other Asimov titles:

(The prelude to foundation was written well after the original book but it is worth reading first: )

There are not rigid guidelines to follow in so much as what methods to utilize, what extensions to look for, search terms, or the objects that you subtract from the search. I had noticed a bit of spam from torrent websites when i performed the original search so I added the -torrent to remove more irrelevant results. Here are a few other examples of searches I’ll do right now to give you and idea of the scope of what you are dealing with. Sometimes you will have to dig to find a good version of the data (text, movie, sound, software etc) that you are looking for, but it is not difficult, just look 😉

Aldous Huxley:|pdf|rar|zip)+aldous+huxley+-html+-htm+-php+-css+-asp+-cf+-jsp+-torrent&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

Alan Watts (changed terms for mp3 mp4 wmv mpg etc):|mp4|rar|zip|wmv|mpg|avi)+alan.watts+-html+-htm+-php+-css+-asp+-cf+-jsp+-torrent&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

Adobe Photoshop: (included the modifier -rapidshare to remove spam)|rar|zip)+adobe.photoshop+-html+-htm+-php+-css+-asp+-cf+-jsp+-torrent+-rapidshare&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

Afro Samurai:|avi|wmv|rar|zip)+afro.samurai+-html+-htm+-php+-css+-asp+-cf+-jsp+-torrent+-rapidshare&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

Full rip of Afro samurai just a few links down @;O=A

I think you’ll be getting the idea by now. Please be patient with yourself and take time to craft your search terms in abstract ways that will allow you to get the results you are looking for.

You can have anything you want, you just have to know how to ask.
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